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神戸(西区)のODA STUDYを30年近くに渡り経営してきたOda Nachiko主宰の英語教室、

Sea King English Schoolが、4月にOPENします。

米国AUBURN大学名誉教授、Dr.Hudsonも推薦するODA STUDYの英語教育を

Sea King English Schoolで体験してみませんか。

Dr.Hudson 写真(居間)

   Dedication to the study of English does not come naturally or by accident to students.

Rather it must be stimulated and cultivated in a caring,effective manner. In my association

with Oda Study, I have been impressed singularly by the administration’s dedication to

excellence and to the English-teaching faculty’s successes in teaching English in a personalized

and friendly but strict and forceful way.

   Proof has come in the high percentage of enrollees who make passing grades on tests monitored

by external judges. Also,many students have become leaders in their public school English classes.

    Expanding the conversational elements of the curriculum, in keeping with current educational

planning and objectives in Japan, has provided a recent challenge to the faculty. Substantial

success encourages the hope that this training will lead truly to the students’ use of English as a

second language.

                                                                                                                                                 Robert S. Hudson

Robert S. Hudson・・・AUBURN大学名誉教授、ODA STUDY名誉講師

※画像は、Dr.Hudsonのアラバマ州の自宅にて。Oda Tomoko撮影。




目標に向かって頑張る人のための、Sea King English School です。




Let’s enjoy learning at Sea King English School!